Brennan Kenneth Brown

26 🇨🇦 Creator of various Jekyll🧪 themes and JAMstack FOSS developer! Looking to help people find their voice in cyberspace. PRs always welcome :)

Available for hire
Calgary, AB

About Me

JAMstack Developer and Content Strategist!

Hey there! My name is Brennan, I'm a 26-year-old Métis web developer and content strategist from Winnipeg, Manitoba and currently reside in Calgary, Alberta. I've recently compeleted a Full Stack Developer Program at EvolveU, and I'm looking to help those that need web development work done, or searching for ideas and management for their next content project.

I would also love to volunteer my time to contributing to open-source projects! I love creating and tinkering with small, static websites and projects. I'm a big proponent of putting an emphasis on accessibility and the A11y project in web development.

I'm always looking to work with people that are hopeless idealists like me, as well as who are interested in creating and working on cool, interesting, and meaningful projects! Shoot me an e-mail if that sounds like your cup of tea.

My Projects

GitHub repositories that I've built.

🗃️ A Digital Garden: Capturing my daily thoughts and progress, as well as curated ideas with unique synthesis—a personal zettelkasten. Built on Simply Jekyll by Raghuveer S.
📔 A responsive sidebar Jekyll theme, created with the Pure.css framework, designed for writers and bloggers of all kinds.
🚰 A minimalist, bare-bones theme for Jekyll only using the Water.css framework while still following the best practices for accessibility and search-engine optimization.
HTML 7 6
📓 My notes on content strategy, technologies, and theory within software and web development.
SCSS 6 1
🐝 A personal blog for self-quantification and personal improvement via Beeminder. Powered by Jekyll. /
HTML 4 1
🦆 My project for the three-week PBL pilot experiment. A full-stack website written in node.js using EJS and Bootstrap 4.
🎆 Showcasing my work as a web developer and writer. Featuring my most recent coding projects, blog posts, and how best to contact me if you're interested in collaboration!
My projects and tests for EvolveU / InceptionU, a Full-stack Development Program. Focusing on the React/Flask stack, and starting initially from vanilla JavaScript.
JavaScript 1 0
A full-stack Django project, with a PostgreSQL database, using Selenium for tests, and deployed in real-time. Under construction.
HTML 1 0
A repository for my solutions to various programming problems on Code Wars and LeetCode.
Python 1 0
⭐ A collection of repositories that I've starred, using an automatic service by maguowei.
Self-Teach Academy is a centralized dashboard for keeping track of your learning across multiple platforms automatically.
🐍 Demonstrating my skills and abilities with Python using test-driven development, design patterns, Tkinter GUI, and windows scheduling services within Python 3
Python 0 0
Demonstrating my skills and abilities with PHP, with password utilities, conversions, and serving simple websites.
☕ Demonstrating my skills and abilities with vanilla JavaScript, using sorting algorithms, propagation and binding, and user interaction with game development.
JavaScript 0 0
Demonstrating my skills and abilities with Java by creating CLI apps, building GUIs, creating API, parsing JSON data, and refactoring and testing. Under construction.
Java 0 0
💻 The website for the Calgary's Society for Equity in Technology! Powered by Jekyll.
HTML 0 0
🎏 A classic sidebar Jekyll theme for old-school blogging, created with the Bulma framework. Built on Soot Spirits by Abhishek Nagekar.
HTML 0 0
A project designed to create an informational website of mental health resources for Black/Indigenous/People of Colour in YYC (Calgary AB, Canada)
HTML 0 0